(Country) Songs Of Freedom and Pride in the US

God Bless The USA – Lee Greenwood

Arlington – Trace Adkins

If You’re Reading This – Tim McGraw

The 8th of November – Big and Rich

American Soldier – Toby Keith

Letters From Home – John Michael Montgomery



Inequalities In Modern Parenting In The United States And The Unfair Placement of Our Children In A Terroristic Lifestyle

     As we celebrate Mother’s Day the second Sunday every May and Father’s Day in the third Sunday in June every year in the United States, we as a society have to remind ourselves that single mothers are never a replacement father – they aren’t – as father’s do not replace mothers, as has been done so heinously through the unlimited resources of the internet.  It is regretful that many have an absent parent in their life, though the statement of extra and undue credit points to alarming gender bias
(mostly to mothers on Father’s Day), giving them the double distinction and extra credit for filling the needs of 2 parental roles as having a higher priority and underappreciation while denying equal credit to single fathers, who exist in larger capacities than society will ever admit to. There are two parents only, a mom or dad. When the regretful situation arises that there is only one present, they other has no choice but to do it all as tha’ts what’s parents do.
     A lot comes down to exposure of the percentage of the parent that does it and creates the gap in credit for equal parenting, especially as family life and values decay daily. This is a parental responsibility, not the “necessary” mother vs. father competition as touted by gender rights and civil rights agendas.  Simply, in thought, if one parent is (mostly) absent, it doesn’t take any less meaning away from what the child needs and from whom.
     The need to scrap these separate days is overwhelming.  The disction(s) should be about making it into child celebration days – making it all about the child like it should be every day and not about individuals who are and are not there receiving the credit for doing what they were made into when the child was born by willing acceptance at the time of the child’s conception.  There should be no openly acceptable reason for a child to be pushed into a preference of celebration on any dictated specification by society at any point of their days of any day of the year.  I appreciate both of my parents every day, so perhaps we need to take one of the two days and make it parents appreciation day in response to the aforementioned child appreciation day.  This is not a conformity or atrocity as some would allow you to believe; not a socialist concept as families are not a socialist value.  This is parenting, plain and simple, and if you truly feel you need one special day for you to have special treatment by your child, you are not in the right position to be called a parent as you are putting your needs over that of the child, even if it is for just one day – something entirely immoral by any standard, accepted or not.
     You were born as or gave birth to one title or the other based on naturally born gender. No one gets to pick and choose as to which parent they are once a child is conceived. You’ve already been assigned that title at your birth.  The rest of what you do from that point is just doing what’s suppose to and needs to be done in the best interest of the child. Roles of a parent are important, yes – but there is no bitterness that needs to be harbored in either direction on any given day or situation.  Children are incredibly smart and will figure that out on their own.  A child should never be forced to “choose” between a parent, period.  The family definition and network in this country is so disintgrated that it’s appalling – equivalent to a terroristic act being preyed on our children on a daily basis, which if causing severely more damage than anything warfare is treating any one of us.  The children are casualities and we must do what we can to stop it.
     All children are equal and want only the same things – love and protection in a hard world from whom they’re suppose to be closest to.  While family values are being destroyed catasptrophically in this country on a minute-to-minute basis, it’s more and more important that every day should be spent doing these celebrations anyway. Not one day is any more or less important for a child than another when it comes to raising a child.  Not one.